Saturday, May 28, 2011

Romance of the Wheel

Poster by Jessie Durham

I hope anyone who's in Toronto will be able to come by for this show! I'm very excited to be showing along such amazing talents (many people have been big inspirations to my continued work). I'm also excited to be debiting three original silk screen prints! There will be three framed for the show, and others available though my ETSY shop (which really needs the new stock!), once the show is up.
Printing is being done by Kid Icarus, which is very exciting as well. They always produce incredible work. I can't wait to share some photos!

I hope I see many of you on opening night.

Jessie Durham -
Dmitry Bondarenko -
Ali Hall -
Adrian Forrow -
Kassem -
Hugh Langis -
Nat Janin -
Kat Verhoeven -
Inkyung Choi -
ilichna morasky -
roben nieuwland -
Chris Simonen -
Gillian Goerz -
Selena Wong -
Shen Plum -
Cameron Stott
Javier Ortiz -
Alena Skarina -
Daniel Downey -
Sean Lewis -
Jonathan Robert -

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I wonder...

...what it could be?


Actually, it's a mail-out. One of many little projects I have this week that just need to get done! One down, and a dozen to go...wish me luck!