Friday, April 15, 2011

Process Peep

For those curious, this is my process for making a final picture, from one of the most recent illustrations over at Drawn and Devoured.

1. The drawing. I usually don't go through too many roughs, especially for something easy to draw like a mermaid. You can tell I had some trouble with the bottle.

2. The transfer. I use a light grey carbon paper to transfer my drawing onto better, heavier paper. This way I don't ruin the good paper by drawing and erasing onto it, and the end result is much cleaner.

3. What the transfer looks like when it's done. It's super light, see!

4. I use India ink to draw the lines, and add shading. This is the most important phase for me, and requires a lot of thought, since I have to decide where I want highlights and lowlights, and ink both those areas. Also here I inked the scale texture separately, because I knew I wanted the tail to have both pattern and shading, but it would be hard to work with if I did it all on one layer.

5. I separate the inkwork from the white background in photoshop. I think the tutorial I got this trick from is probably one of the best things I ever learned (link). Locking the lineart layer, I colour and tint all the lines.

6. What the colour fill layer looks like without the lineart overtop.

7. It's all done! Some last colour tweaks may go into place.

I want to be a beautiful mermaid

Sunday, April 10, 2011

What Projects Abound

I have been so busy lately! Since February I've been busy launching two new blogs. One of them is a really fun collaborative project with Lisa Vanin, Jessie Durham, and Erin Ornstein, called Tetrad Tarot. It's a 16 month long blog run through tumblr which updates once a week (we're up to post number 5 now!), and together we're making a tarot deck. Awesome! I'm so happy with the work being made so far. My next piece goes up Thursday, which is our update day.
Here's my last card, the Ace of Coins
Pentacles Ace
Tetrad Tarot tumblr

I also launched another tumblr blog for these daily journal comics I'm doing, though I think they're going to become OCCASIONAL journal comics instead of dailies, since I would rather say something when I have something nice to say. Here's the latest of those:
Daily Comic

The other project I've been working on is the extended version of the Artichoke comic I posted a while back. That little mini is just an excerpt from a larger graphic novel I've had planned for a while. Slowly, in between all the other projects, it's coming together! I'll have some progress shots soon.