Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The new site already needs fixing, in my opinion. Fortunately school has me enrolled in a web design and promotional class which shall help me out. Looking around the site so long after it's initial creation, l'm really surprised by the mistakes l'm seeing, even more so since trying to make some changes for the better, and messing up the coding in a way that l just don't know how to fix.
Hopefully VERWHO, version 3.0 will be a marked improvement.
Things l'm planning to add or change:
-a section purely for comics
-putting contact infor on it's own page
-tightening up the artwork displayed
-overall better useability

l'll bust out some designs and post them here.

l changed some of the artwork up on the website for now, swapping out two pictures l was told were maybe less appropriate for what l hope are two slightly more appropriate pictures. Still, the ones removed are favourites, so l'd like to feature them here:

Longing Comic

The Sea That Rolls

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MollyMillions said...

damn Kat, your blog and your webpage are lookin' really tight.

We just had our first webdesign class - its going to be really good I think.